Saturday, June 21, 2014

Quilt for Bobbe

Set aside my May goals to make a quilt for Bobbe. The past 6 weeks we have been sitting on pins and needles. Lots going on and blogging had been set aside altho I do check in on your blogs from time to time. Brandie, still can't comment on your blog, please know I read every post :0) love those tiny Dresdens!

In May, Michael got back from Texas on Thursday, JJ, Jennifer and the kids arrived on Friday to spend the weekend with us for a family event. Sunday evening, the kids were driving back home and were involved in a serious car accident. Bobbe, their grandmother/great grandmother was also in the car with the intention of catching a plane to return home. She was injured.

Jennifer and the kids are still shook up but doing OK. Amazing is one of the first persons that stopped to help was a Pediatric Intern! She helped Jennifer with the kids and they were able to safely remove all three of the kids from the car. Ages range from 5 years to 3 mos. Thank goodness for the wonderful car seats today and all the safety air bags in the car they were driving. JJ took care of Bobbe, injured with a fractured neck. The car was totaled after another driver pulled over and then made a fast U turn right in their path on highway 99.

Needless to say no one slept that night. Carle was out the door and headed to Marysville before she hung up the phone with JJ. I am so proud of both of these kids! How they handled that night and how they took care of their grandmother. Also amazing is how well Bobbe has recovered. With neck surgery early the next morning and rehab since that weekend, she is doing remarkably well.

There were countless trips to Marysville and then Roseville where Bobbe was in rehab. After a short stay with the kids, she is back at home. Still in a neck brace, she is now able to walk and has limited use of her hands, altho that improved following rehab. Amazing. Thank you to all our friends and family for your prayers and support, especially our friends at Legal Services!

We spoke to her this evening. It is quite possible she may require a second surgery to add a second plate to further stabilize her upper spine. 

I wasn't able to do the overnight trips. JJ, Carle, Michael and Kelly took turns spending the nights with Bobbe. So, I made a quilt. When I told Bobbe of my plans she said "Oh, I would love one just like Carle's"! OK! Carle has a quilt I made last summer following a QAL with Aunt Reen's Place made with her Willow Weave quilt pattern, her 2013 June Jelly Roll. So I made another one.

Here it is on my design wall with borders added. 
I made this so fast I goofed on the Willow Weave rows but that's OK.
Bobbe loves it just the same :0)

Quilted on my Innova and Auto Pilot

A quick label on the backing

and machine stitched binding (not something I do all the time ;0)
The border and binding fabrics were a fun find in my batik stash!
Stitched with butterflies and flowers from Anne Bright

Bobbe's finished quilt

 A month later, this is Bobbe, a week before she finished rehab in Roseville
and a pic of our gathering that same day at the rehab center
It was so good to see everyone in pretty good shape!

Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog.
These type of events are terrible to go thru,
 they do bring what's important in life back into perspective.
One more pic that I absolutely love
I took this pic on Saturday (the day before the accident)
 Future quilters? Will see :0)
I am so happy these precious little beings are OK

Enjoy your weekend
Groetjes, Jo