Monday, January 2, 2017

Bringing in the Old and the New for 2017

The old and the new in my world are, of course quilts and quilting :0) The New Year brings new beginnings, goals and resolutions. I like new beginnings, that's easy and fun to start new quilt projects! Goals are good to set in order to try and finish those new projects from last year (and beyond ;0)  Resolutions, not so much. 2 out of 3 is good!!! 

A new beginning for 2017 is a new membership to The Quilt Show. The 2017 BOM is a medallion quilt designed by Sue Garman, I am always a sucker for a medallion!
Yesterday I started part 1 with the center called The Halo Star. Plus a year of learning new techniques. Download the DVDs with Lynn Wilder from last year. Looking forward to learning lots of new things as well as finishing my goals from 2016 including Gypsy Wife, almost finished to a flimsy.

 A few more of the holes have been filled since this pic.
Also in the works is Gravity, an ongoing BOM with Kelly at Honey Run Quilters. 

Block One

I am up to block 5 and the class did block 6 at the last meeting that I missed, almost half way. It starts off with the outer star points so it's difficult to do a layout yet. The Gypsy needs to be finished to a flimsy before I have room to layout anyway. They are stacking up!!!
I do have a finish in 2016...
One of my Toes in the Sand 
finished for my son's birthday 💖 
and a top I put together last weekend...
 is quilted now. Pattern is called The Big Easy (and it is!)
Just binding and a label and it's on it's way to Texas 
for Michael's brother in law, Jim who loves to... yes you guessed it... golf!
Backing is golf ball fabric and will be the binding as well.   

Looking forward to the new year. I hope that it will be happy
and pray that it will be peaceful. 
It will be interesting at the very least. 
Wishing you all a good, healthy and productive New Year!
Tot ziens, Jo


  1. The medallion design looks like a lot of work but will be oh so worth the effort.

    1. Happy New Year Karen! Pulling from my stash for a scrappy look with different backgrounds in each added border.

  2. So much eye candy in your post!


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