CW Quilt

* This page last updated July 6, 2013 *

 My first blog began in 2011 with a Civil War block of the week project. Barbara Brackman graciously set up a blog beginning January 2011 commemorating the sesquicentennial of the Civil War. Each week she provided a story from the history of the war as it happened 150 years ago accompanied with a quilt block that corresponded with the story.

Here is a link to Barbara Brackman's Civil War blog. Click here for the link to a Flickr site set up by Dustin with photos of CW blocks and finished quilt tops made by quilters from all over the world. Australia, Belgium, Canada, England, France, Germany, Holland, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and the USA. We became know as "The Circle of Friends".
***Currently Barbara's CW blog is following a new project for 2013 called Dixie Diaries.***
Note: Barbara Brackman started a new BOW and blog September 2012 called Grandmother's Choice about the suffrage movement for Women's right to vote worldwide.

Barbara published a book Civil War Sampler about the CW project. Included in the book are blocks made by participants of the BOW. Grapes of Wrath, Barbara Frietchie Star and Louisiana are three of my blocks that she selected to be in her book! Here is a link to my post about the book and my blocks. I now am the proud owner of an autographed copy!!!
The book,  Civil War Sampler is available now.

A quilt was made for Barbara Brackman by The Circle of Friends. All made with blocks from her BOW. My contribution block was Calico Puzzle. Becky Brown pieced the top. Barbara was presented our quilt for Christmas in 2011. This quilt is also in her book! 

Following are my blocks made for the CW BOW. There are a few missing as I have a few more to finish. I am working on a design for the layout. My goal is to finish this quilt in 2013.
1 ~ Catch Me if You Can
2 ~ North Star
4 ~ Texas Tears
5 ~ Kansas Troubles
6 ~ Richmond
8 ~ Cotton Boll
9 ~ Birds in the Air
10 ~ Lincoln's Platform
11 ~ London Square
12 ~ Louisiana
13 ~ Little Blue Basket
14 ~ Fox and Geese
15 ~ Fort Sumter
25 ~ Calico Puzzle
26 ~ Barbara Frietchie Star
27 ~ Irish Chain
28 ~ Next Door Neighbor
29 ~ Railroad Crossing
34 ~ Rosebud
35 ~ Star of the West
36 ~ Kentucky Crossroads
37 ~ Confederate Rose
38 ~ Ohio Star
39 ~ Hovering Hawks
42 ~ H is for Hospital
44 ~ Union
45 ~ Port and Starboard
46 ~ Apple Tree
47 ~ Dixie Tea
48 ~ West Virginia
49 ~ Yankee Puzzle
50 ~ Grapes of Wrath