Saturday, November 21, 2015

Donna Greenwald ~ ASQG Featured Quilter

Display and quilts by Donna Greenwald, pumpkins made by her sister
Donna Greenwald, our Featured Quilter
at Annie's Star Quilt Guild's 2015 quilt show

Donna's quilts displayed at the show...

Quite the artist, Donna makes and quilts all of her quilts
Plus she teaches classes.

 Love the detail Donna quilts into her quilts of art

 Donna also does a quilting retreat at Lake Tahoe

Annie's Star Quilt Guild is fortunate to have Donna as a member
This is a link to my post that has a video clip about Donna

Many of these photos were taken by Lynn Wilder of Sew'n Wild Oaks.
Thank you Lynn, and for coming to our show as a vendor.
There were many good comments from members at our quilt show wrap up meeting about how they liked your booth, patterns and fabric! Well done

Enjoy your weekend
Tot ziens, Jo

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Post Show Blues & Ribbons

A good thing! I love the Blues, my favorite music genre. Chairing Vendors with my quilt guild has been fun. My favorite part is meeting vendors and getting to know them. My paperwork is ready to turn in at our wrap up meeting and I am looking forward to spending more time improving my quilting skills and finishing my own quilts :0)

I love to see my customers quilts displayed and am quite proud to say that 5 of their quilts that were entered to be judged won ribbons! More deserved them, in fact all of them ;0) Showing off my customers quilts this morning... starting off with Pam's Swoon (not judged). I am amazed at the talent we have in our guild. Enjoy

Pam's Swoon (not judged)
Cannery Row by Bev (not judged)
Judy with her A to Z quilt
Kelly's Big Wedding
Sandra's Vintage Valentine

Kelly's Kaffe
Janie's Amaretto Cottage
Janie and I worked on this one together 

and one of Beckie's quilts received a Viewer's Choice
Beckie's Birds
altho I believe it should have been pinned to this quilt
also made by Beckie with birds
Beckie's Peacock
a few more (not judged)... 
Karen's ~ It's Finished!
love quilting feathers!
and texture
Sandra's Scrappy Balls
and I absolutely love this one my friend Sandy made! It's scrappy and fun :-) like her!

There are lots more to share. Quilts are posted on my longarm blog too.
and I will do another post, including quilts I did not quilt...
like this one made by Kathy Thomas
The Rose ~ by Kathy T
This is a combination of quilting and embroidery which Kathy is really good at. Kathy is on her way to becoming an accomplished longarmer with quilts displayed as well.

Barbara Michels has been longarming for a long time and is really good! One of her own quilts received two ribbons, a 1st place and Best in Show. Congratulations Barbara!

Lone Star by Barbara Michels
Well done ladies! It's an honor to be in your company 

Saturday, November 14, 2015


Today there are Tears in Heaven

Prayers and comfort for those who lost loved ones
and those injured, for the best recovery.
It's a sad world today

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

It ain't over until the fat lady sings

There were no fat ladies singing, the quilts have been taken down, the doors to the quilt show closed, however it's not over. Always those little things to wrap up. It was a grand event. Wonderful vendors, good food from Roots, family and friends came to see our quilts! Life is good!!! Where to start with pix... so will begin with my kids!
My son Chris, better known as Scribles, Kristy and Haley standing in front of Kelly's quilt at our guild's Harvest of Quilt's quilt show. Michael was a gigantic help and support for me. In fact, he was so helpful and quick on his feet, there are no pix of him! That's just how good he is! Love these wonderful people! 

I have the best customers too! with the nicest comments on their placards. Thank you! This week I am posting pix of quilts made by each of them on my longarm/customer blog Moonbear Designs and Quilting. Each day there will be a post featuring each of their quilts, today began with Judy's two quilts... here is the link :0) 

This is another link to Lynn Wilder's blog, Sew'n Wild Oaks with some really good pix of Donna Greenwald's (our featured quilter) quilts plus an even better pic of Amaretto Cottage. Thank you Lynn!

Still recovering along with my longarm. Today I spent the day fine tuning my longarm, Helena. She has been working hard this year and deserves a little TLC. I am changing out her check spring and getting her tuned up for the holidays and ready to frost some quilts. 

Hard to pic a fav but... this one I have to share because I worked on it with my friend Janie for more than a year. Amaretto Cottage... finished and hanging at ASQG's Harvest of Quilts 2015 in Chico, CA... with a first place ribbon in our category... Well done Janie!!!
 Tot ziens, Jo

Monday, November 9, 2015

Sew'n Wild Oaks

 This is Lynn Wilder's Sew'n Wild Oaks booth set up 
at Annie's Star Quilt guild in Chico CA
Our guild was very fortunate to have Lynn and Gail join us as a vendor
plus earlier this year Lynn was our guest speaker at our guild meeting 
followed by a great workshop. I learned allot from Lynn's Patchwork Math book! 

These are pix from Lynn's blog. Lynn also posted some pix of our member's quilts along with quilts made by Donna Greenwald, our featured quilter. Check it out here!

I have yet to download all the pix I took at the show. I was so tiered following the show, I was asleep really early, as soon as I got home and my head rested on my pillow. Of course, now I'm up early thinking about what a wonderful weekend we all enjoyed! Stay tuned for pix later this morning! First, back for a few more ;~zzzzzzzs tot ziens, Jo

Monday, November 2, 2015

Harvest of Quilts

5 more days!
It's countdown time until our guild's quilt show coming up this coming weekend! Lots to do with a full schedule this week. Quilts will be judged on Thursday. I volunteer as vendor committee chair along with Brandie and Jill. Throughout the year we contacted several vendors. 15 will be vending our show this year. Thursday afternoon we will be taping off vendor spaces and set up is on Friday, both for quilts and vendors. The quilt show is Saturday and Sunday. 

***forgot to mention that Lynn Wilder of Sew'n Wild Oaks is one of our vendors!***
It's going to be four very busy, long and fun filled days!

My longarm studio will only be open today thru Wednesday of this week. I will keep my business cell with me for phone calls throughout the week. Quilts for the show are finished, labeled and ready. I am having one quilt judged so that will be a learning experience! A few customer quilts will also be judged.

Stay tuned... there will be pix posted soon! 
Better yet, come to the show.
You are all invited! 

Tot ziens, Jo