Here are pictures of my blocks for Just Takes 2 Mystery Quilt
Set one ~ Jan 1, 2012
Six blocks in set 1:
JT2 ~ Set One
Hand appliquéd not so perfect circle ;0)
Block 1 ~ Indiana Puzzle
  Adding a red print
Block 2 ~ Churn Dash
 Decided to add Redwork, however, choosing a different motif
Redwork design is from Alex Anderson's Redwork Garden
This is California Poppy
Block 3 ~ Square in a Square
 Two more Redwork designs from Alex's Redwork Garden
Morning Glory and Sweet Pea
Resized to fit these blocks. I stitched the redwork by machine
Block 4 ~ Blazed Trail Variation
Block 5 ~ Ohio Star
 Hearts are hand appliquéd
Block 6

Set two ~ Jan 15, 2012
Five blocks in set 2:
Blocks 7 thru 11
Block 7 ~ Jacobs Ladder
Block 8 is foundation/paper pieced
Block 8 ~ Grandmother's choice
Block 9 ~ Old Maid's Puzzle
Block 10 the blades are paper pieced. Red 1/4 circle was hand appliquéd and then I added a feather stitch. The white background piece is machine stitched with curved piecing in place of appliqué.
This is a new photo... I added a second white feather stitch along the outer seam allowance of the fan. Suggested by Jemwork... thank you, I like it!
Block 10 ~ Grandmother's Fan
 Block 11 is a combination of templates and rotary cut pieces
I "planted" flowers around the base of my house :0)
Block 11 ~ House
Note: My blocks are made from the same piece of solid red fabric. The color looks different in the photos depending on the lighting and flash.

Set three ~ Feb 1, 2012
Two blocks in set 3

Block 12 ~ Rocky Mountain Chain
Block 12 was a challenge to paper piece.
Block 13 ~ Flying Geese

I made the flying geese block but it came out 1/4 inch too short
Even at 100% my printer is not accurate or it's my browser
... back to the drawing board...

Set four ~ Feb. 15, 2012

 I finished #14 Pinwheel was easy peasy with HST, #16 Pine Burr which was a challenge with Y seams (both pictured above) and
Five blocks in set 4:

Block 14 ~ Pinwheel, easy peasy with HST
Block 15 ~ The Basket
Block 16 ~Pine Burr
 Pine Burr which was a challenge with Y seams 
Block 17 ~ Broken Heart
I have a broken heart! Printed set four the first day. There were too many red pieces and not enough white for block 17. Later... with the corrections... I discovered the flying geese strips should have been reversed with white geese and red background. Oh well, I don't have enough red fabric so it stays!

Lots of folks are dropping out of this QAL and I am considering it too...
* * * * *
I decided to keep going on this Mystery QAL until I run out of my red fabric. I do love the crispness of the red and white as well as the challenge of these blocks. Each one is very different, both in appearance as well as construction techniques. One of the new blocks posted for set 6 is no exception! Lots of curved seams and it may need to be hand pieced!

#18 Turkey Tracks (below) was fun! I used the same technique as the four hearts block to prep for appliqué. In place of hand stitching, I machine stitched a blanket stitch
Block 18 ~ Turkey Tracks
Close up of Turkey Tracks
Set five ~ March 1, 2012 
Four blocks in set 5:
Block 19 ~ Feathered Star

 Set six ~ March 15, 2012
Two blocks in set 6: 
Block 23 ~ Grandma's Favorite Compass
  I decided to make Grandma's Favorite Compass using machine appliqué. I put together a tutorial on how I did this (click link to take your there :0) 

This is where I am in 2013. Now a UFO. It will get on a future UFO list because I really do love this project! Life, as always gets in the way