Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Calypso Kaleidoscope

Made progress on my 2015 Kaleidoscope BOM! Over the weekend I finished the borders surrounding the center medallion. Changed from the original pattern with a picket fence border, I added triangles to both ends to add a little more interest and fun! 

Next is to design new corners as well. Here is a line drawing I am playing with...

Last night I finished squaring lots of HSTs prepping for the setting triangles that will be added next. My Patchwork Math book came in handy to make them 8 at a time! That was a breeze and they went together so much faster. Yea! Now to sew them together, this evening if I find the energy. Below is a graphic of the original pattern...

2015 Calypso Kaleidoscope BOM by Quilt Addicts Anonymous 
It was another hot summer day in Chico, triple digits again. Without air conditioning in my studio, it makes for some early mornings, starting between 5 and 6 am to take advantage of the cool morning temps. Looking forward to some cooler temps with schools beginning this week. It's been hazy with smoke while Cal Fire planes taking off frequently throughout the day from the Chico airport and banking over our house on their way to area fires. So scary. 

Enjoy what's left of your summer
or winter, depending on your location on the planet! 
Tot ziens, Jo

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Saturday, August 15, 2015

Feeling Empowered!

Yea! Made some time this evening to finish the components started in Lynn Wilder's Patchwork Math workshop and started playing with layouts using the components. Below is the same layout set on point...
here are a few more... 
all made up with the same components/fabric

oops, this one has one flying goose unit on the right not turned
Love using a camera as a tool for doing layouts.

Here is a post on Lynn's blog about the Y square
After looking at her post I see another layout possibility :0)
with a pinwheel center
 Yep... endless possibilities!
and blocks

Amazing how different each layout changes simply by moving pieces around. I learned allot from Lynn's workshop. It's going to be helpful for building blocks and borders for my own layouts. Definitely will be useful in finishing my Civil War quilt. Yep, empowering. Now just to make the time. This week was a busy one, quilted six quilts for one customer! Looking forward to taking the rest of the weekend off. Enjoy yours! Tot Ziens, Jo

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Patchwork Math with Lynn Wilder

Wow! Friday I attended the best workshop with Lynn Wilder of Sew'n Wild Oaks 
Named Patchwork Math. Don't let the name scare you away if you ever get the opportunity to take Lynn's workshop. Lynn makes it easy. If you are one of those quilters LIKE ME who always has to tweak a pattern, turn a plain border into a pieced border or make your own layout just because of a block or a fabric, this is a great workshop! 

Plus learning to build blocks using techniques that make the components easy! The block above is one of Lynn's built with all HSTs plus she has a link on her blog for a video on how to make 8 at a time (without bias edges!). Other lessons on making Flying Geese, Double Flying Geese, Quarter Squares in 2 and 3 colors, Corner Square in a Triangle and more. Lynn's book makes it easy and how to figure out the math to size the components to fit your own layouts. I would have loved the two day workshop as I could not get enough and the day went way too fast! Thank you Lynn! and Gail!

Lynn also gave a lecture at our guild's meeting the night before, Annie's Star Quilt Guild in Chico, CA. Wonderful trunk show with quilts in fabrics that I love and Lynn machine quilts all of her own... beautifully!!! I have been following Lynn's blog for a long time spending my early mornings coffee in hand reading all that she and Gail have been up to. Which is allot! From Monday's at In Between Stitches in Livermore, CA to a guest on The Quilt Show and most recently, Heartfire, one of Lynn's patterns is available as a kit from Keepsake Quilting! Well done Lynn!

Lynn and I were posting about her visit on our blogs at the same time ;0)

Pix of our blocks in progress up on the design walls at Cathy's Sew & Vac...
This is Beth's, the floral print is cut from a bridesmaid dress she found in a thrift store :0)


Amazing how each of our blocks are so different! This was so much fun!

 We have company coming for the day otherwise I would be spending the day in my sewing room finishing my block. I am looking forward to seeing the kids and the grandkids! 
Enjoy your Sunday!