Saturday, January 28, 2017

Favs from Road to CA 2017

Here's Lookin' at You by Wendy Knight, San Diego, CA
Art-Critter category 

Always drawn to the machine quilting, 
I absolutely love how she used feathers for the crest. 

A second horse in the same category
 White Knight by Patt L. Blair, Mt. Baldy, CA 
was just as amazing, also hand painted with lots of machine quilting 

Blue Anemone by Andrea Brockenshire of Round Rock, TX 
Another hand painted art quilt with lots of thread painting :0) 

 Yuja by Linda C. Anderson, La Mesa, CA 
Hand painting, applique and amazing machine quilting! 

Emma in the Looking Glass by Lenore Crawford, Midland MI

Several paper pieced quilts...
Sunset in Maui by Rebecca Belsaas, quilted by Rebecca Smith, Rapid City, SD

Cattails at the Lake by Leslie Milde, Scottsdale AZ 

Midnight Dreams by Lorilynn King, Loveland, CO

Many of these last ones were not ribbon winners so you won't see them 
(use the link above to see all of the ribbon winners)

A few more of the quilts I was drawn to because they are ALL winners! 

 Antelope Canyon by Barbara Barrick McKie, Lyme, CT
(out of focus but I loved the machine quilting ;0) 

Carpathian Mountain Sunset by Mrs. Cathy R Geier 

  Jars of Clay by Sharon L Schlotzhauer 

French Feathered Stars by Peggy Carr of Ventura, CA 

Kaboom by Suzy Webster 

Amazing machine quilting by well known quilter Claudia Pfeil of Krefeld Germany
Woven Journey 

This lovely lady tugged on my heart strings for a different reason... 

It was the first time I attended Road to California. It was an amazing experience! especially being there as a vendor for Innova. It was allot of fun along with allot of work. I loved demoing the machines and sharing my experience as a longarm quilter and Innova owner with other quilters. Thank you to Jim and Nicky Davis and Rick Cherne. I also met Neal, the President of Innova. I learned tons! 

btw, Rick's wife, Teri entered a quilt and won first place in her category... 
Chasin' Rainbows by Teri Cherne of Henniker, NH 
Going to get some customer work done on the longarm today. It took me a couple of days to recharge my batteries!!! after doing the show. New classes for Painted Forest have been set up at Honey Run Quilters for those of you on the waiting list that didn't get into the first class. Going to make it a short day tho, the weather is so nice today... 

hope you get out and enjoy it!!! 
Tot ziens, Jo


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