Saturday, March 4, 2017


Gravity by Jaybird Quilts 
Our Gravity class with Kelly has come to an end
and quite a few of us landed with finished quilt tops!!! 

This is Kelly's Gravity 
Made completely with Grunge :0) 
which was a challenge in itself, as her color pallet was limited to the collection. 
Kelly pulled it off... well done!

Mary Ann's Gravity 
done in Kona solids following Jaybirds pattern to a T
and Mary Ann is new to quilting! Wow!!!

This beauty is Lynne's Gravity 
following the color wheel concept of the pattern 
all done in batiks for the star/diamond center 
and a very pretty and sparkly fabric collection for the background. 
Lynne you shine!!!

... and then there were those of us 
that follow the philosophy...
"You're not the boss of me!!!" 
and choose not to follow the directions 🌟

Here is Sandy's Gravity 
Love it! Sandy also changed the background layout 🌞
Sandy you are a star, so enjoyed meeting you! 

This was made by a surprise visitor... Carol 
Very different in neutrals 
with gold sparkle fabric for the star and white on white for the background. 
Carol is one of my favorite customers. She did not join in the class 
however, was making Gravity at the same time.
Last week surprised me when she brought her Gravity into my studio to be quilted!!!
She agreed to let me bring her top into class to share and then dropped by 
on her way home to meet everyone and see our quilt tops. That was fun! 
Carol, I hope you join us one of these days

This is my Gravity 
The star/diamond blocks are all batiks 
with a background that starts with Kona black 
then goes into shades of gray with Grunge

Now for the job of quilting a few of these beauties! 
I have lots of design ideas floating around in my head 😵
There were a few more folks in the class that were finishing their tops in class 
so there will be more stars shinning in Chico soon! 🌟

Kelly has new classes, workshops and BOMs in the works.
 Next up is Fancy Forest by Elizabeth Hartman 
plus some pretty kewl Kaffe projects visiting Italy! 
Kelly always adds fun info to entertain us while we sew. 
Come join in! 

Also coming up is Painted Forest starting this month.
A pattern from Scott Hansen of Blue Nickel Studios
My class sample is hanging up at Honey Run Quilters 
All classes and workshops are held in the classroom. 
Sign up inside Honey Run if you are interested 
plus there are LOTs more classes from beginning quilting and UFOs with Terri, a project bag and rope bowls with Dorrie, Pam has a Spring Basket quilt class coming up soon, Karen has a wool project in the works. Terri has a few more projects up her sleeve as well, the Fat Skinny Bag is a favorite. Pillow cases. Garments with Rebecca. Sewing machine classes. Between Cathy's and Honey Run, they have it covered! HERE is the entire class list on Cathy's website. Hope to see you there! 

Enjoy your weekend! 
Tot ziens, Jo
16 more days until Spring!!! 

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  1. Beautiful projects - love the one in the neutrals.


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