Friday, May 2, 2014

Civil War Quilt pix!

Picture heavy post of Civil War Quilts! These are the real deal, no reproductions! 
Arlene Arnold of Heritage Oaks Quilts is from Colusa California. 
She has a wonderful collection of Civil War quilts she shared 
at Annie's Star Quilt Guild meeting last night. Enjoy...
Great Tree of Life, it had a homespun for backing

Bear paw and cheddar, what's not to LOVE :0) and the sashing, great layout!

Love Apples or Pomegranates we learned both are correct block names

Brandie and I loved this one, notice that the flowers are all different
and of course we loved the two Tree of Life quilts (pictured above)
AMAZING! It was such a treat to touch and feel
and see the gorgeous hand quilting up close
Unfortunately the quilting doesn't show in these long distance pix
taken with a zoom. Apologies for the head shots :0)
And I didn't get a good photo of Arlene Arnold, here are some pics from her Facebook

I love our girls night out each month. Brandie, Esther, Gail, Donna and I meet for dinner before each guild meeting. Donna couldn't make dinner last night, but joined us at the meeting.
Pam was there loving all these quilts as well!
Thank you ladies, so appreciate each of you :0)
Enjoy your weekend!


  1. Wow, you took great photos of these amazing quilts. I am having fun looking through them again. What an amazing collection, and display. Thanks for all the photos.

  2. After you left a comment on my blog, I just had to head over and catch up on yours. This guild meeting would have caused me to hyperventilate. The joy of seeing all these authentic CW quilts would have put a smile on my face and a happy beat to my heart for days and days. How WONDERFUL to have been able to see all these beauties. Isn't it funny how certain quilts and eras of quilting and groups of fabrics just speak to us? It's the 1800s fabrics that are the love of my quilting life, from the brights early in the century, through the more dreary CW fabrics, on to variety found right up to 1900 . My many bins of CW repro fabrics are proof.
    I also 100% agree with your last statement in your "About Me" profile. Quilting indeed is the best therapy. I've needed it more and more over the past year, and it's come through each time.


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