Thursday, October 3, 2013

UFOs for October

Back to business now that Annie's Star quilt show is behind us, it took me about three days to recover. Lots of work, sweat and tears but I think it's one of the best shows we've had. Thanks to Brandie and Suzanne leading a herd of guild members and committees. Job well done to all!

I am sew looking forward to starting some new projects, especially with all the goodies I purchased from our vendors at the show! But I am going to be good and work on UFOs. Not going to pretend there won't be any new projects started as I already know I will be joining in with Lori's new SAL 'Faithful'. It's perfect as I have a tub of HSTs. I always make an extra stitch and keep the cut off from previous projects with snowballs and flying geese. Wait... does that make them UFOs?! ;0D

First on my list is a Tree of Life quilt. It will be a small quilt and it's made from HSTs, all the cut offs from the snowballs in my big red and white quilt that I had in the show. OK, my name is Jo and I am frugal, OCD, fabric hoarder, fabraholic... you pick! Yes... but... is it worth it?...

#2 is a really old UFO...  it's even made with old vintage calico from the 90s (refer to above)!

#3 A blue and white quilt started last year. Oh, oh, more HSTs... (again, refer to above ;0)
I am linking up to A Passion for Applique ~ Carrie's Nothing But UFOs.

Check out what other quilters and projects are 'in the works' for October. Hummmm, I don't have any Fall projects started to work on. May have to fix that. Hopeless. Thank you for visiting!

Enjoy the day, stitching away


  1. I love that tree! I've said it before and I'll say it again, I need to do one myself. After I finish my scrappy pumpkins. But not before I start something else.
    Sometimes I think it would be easier to finish someone else's UFOs that my own.


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