Monday, August 11, 2014

Glue Pinning

I learned a wonderful trick... Glue Pinning! Kathy, a quilter that took a couple of my classes recently taught me a cool trick! Using an inexpensive water based white glue like Elmer's in place of pins. Part of the trick is setting it quickly with an iron. 

99.9% of the time I don't use pins when piecing. I find they distort the pieces. Up until now have always used a stiletto in place of pinning and rely on opposing seam allowances. While working on my Amaretto Cottage blocks with lots of triangles I decided to give Kathy's trick a try and it worked! 

I have to say that I was surprised that it worked so well and I used a dollar store glue, not even Elmer's. Here goes adding two more triangles to the center of the block... 

With the smallest dots of glue carefully added to only the seam allowance of one side, lined up the triangle over the block center, laid down the triangle and snugged it into place...

Next, set the iron on (press, don't iron! :0) lightly with only the weight of the iron, set at a medium heat and no steam... (don't laugh at my weirdly pressed seam allowances, as a longarmer bulky intersections drive me crazy and this block has allot of them :0) Note: not always a good idea if you plan to quilt with a SID.

It only takes a moment to set the glue. Below I am holding up the block and you can see that the glued on triangles stayed in place... 

while I took them over to my machine to stitch a 1/4 inch seam...

It was very nice to only have to pay attention to the seam allowance! The triangle stayed in place, no shifting! Mind you these triangles were easy because they are made with twice cut squares so the long side of these triangles are straight of grain. Below is the block with all four of its corners glue pinned and stitched. Pretty good...

Will try this again with the next set of triangles made with one diagonal cut and the long side of the triangles are on bias. I didn't have time to add the next set and promise that I will let you know if glue pinning works just as well in that situation. Until then...

Enjoy your week, make some time to take a few stitches!
Groetjes, Jo


  1. I read about this trick somewhere awhile back, and have tried it. I used some kind of "basting" glue (Roxanne's?) in a fine tipped applicator. I wondered if Elmer's might work just as well, seems like the same stuff. Anyway, it's a brilliant technique and is a huge help on your more complicated blocks. I agree about the pins, and I also hate bulky intersections!

  2. Your block is beautiful! This tip seems to be a very good idea... as regards me... I never pin anyway!

  3. I recently watched a You Tube video where gue was used to baste a seam together before stitching parts of a quilt block. I have not tried it but I can see it worked well for you.

  4. Good to know about this trick - I've used that glue when doing applique, but now I'll have to try it for piecing......thanks!


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