Saturday, September 13, 2014

More on glue pinning Amaretto Cottage

Getting back to the glue pinning on my Amaretto Cottage blocks.
Last 'layer' of triangles are added to these blocks by glue pinning...
(the scrap lining is there just in case to protect my worktable ;0)
As promised, wanted to let you know about glue pinning the bias edged triangles. These once cut triangles went great, just as well as the twice cut triangles with the straight of grain edge. Triangle is laid down and then a little heat. Easy Peasy!

This is a link to my first post with more pix about glue pinning these blocks. 

Also tested a piece of scrap fabric with the white school glue, washed it by hand and the glue washed out, no hard glue residue left behind. A blogger did this with Roxanne's Glue Baste It, also with success. Which makes sense and is probably a better choice if you have it on hand. I wanted to see if the inexpensive white school glue worked for this application and it does! Not a good idea to use Elmer's for applique! Mostly I am happy to finish these blocks! Plus, the next set of four are also finished as of this afternoon! 
This block was really easy! A pinwheel surrounded by HSTs Yea!

The first and possibly the only easy block in this quilt from &%## as Janie calls it ;0) Two more blocks are also cut. I love pulling Civil War fabrics for these blocks. One is Kansas Troubles and from what I remember making the same block for Barbara Brackman's Civil War Sampler quilt, a bit of a challenge :0) 
It's been a good day considering that I also finished quilting my friend Donna's quilt that I started yesterday. Really nice quilt, love the center! Will take better pix outside in the morning when the lighting is better and it's cooler. 
Hope you are enjoying the weekend as much as I am. Next I am headed over to spend the rest of the afternoon with my mom. Will see if she knows who I am today. Tomorrow's plan is more sewing while watching football. Life is good. Fall is coming, my favorite season! 

Enjoy your weekend!
Take the time to take a few stitches :0)
Groetjes, Jo


  1. Your Amaretto Cottage blocks are wonderful, with an antique look!

  2. Beautiful blocks! I am becoming a fan of glue basting. So many ways to use it, Glue baste and wonder clips, what did we ever do without them?


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