Saturday, December 6, 2014

Challenge Quilts, revisited

Sandy and I ran into each other twice today! This morning at a fabric sale where we both spent about the same amount :0) GMTA and again at Honey Run at Cathy's at Goldie's Weekend Sew In. She was sewing on binding and I was picking up quilts. Anyway, she had a pic of Kathy's challenge quilt plus more and sent them to me from her phone.

Challenge Quilt by Kathy T
Kathy actually made miniature quilts of quilts she has made! 
Plus some embellishments, machine embroidery and Sew Much More! 

Here is a better pic of Connie's challenge quilt
Yoga by Cassy L

and Brandie's again, these four were the top vote 'getters'

Too see more individual pix refer back to the first post...
The following is a recap of most. For the display, 
names were not included on the placard so as not to influence votes
and I don't know everyone in the guild (we have 200 members)
#1 The bird cage is made by Judy P. We had trouble finding her letter, 
it was an S which she made into the hook for the cage! Very clever Judy!
Redwork is by Michelle, one of the organizers
#4 The giraffe is made by my friend Sandy (Sandra E on my longarm blog)

 #11 Where the Wild Things Live by Pat
# 12 Audrey Hepburn by Brandie
# 13 Sorry, don't know the name, it is a self portrait and it's really good! 
Heidi by Grace C (an organizer)
 # 14 She was a nice girl by Jill R
# 15 Fender guitar with music by me :0)

#19 with bird cages is Kelly K. Both Kelly and and Judy's birdcages (above) were in memory of Maya Angelou

#17 Betty V made the spools of thread
(great FMQing!)

That's Kathy's in the upper right #18

Lower right is Bonnie C's, organizer

# 21 Sculls eating the moon is all Marilyn K!
Blood Splatter is Angie
# 22 Yoga is Cassy

# 26 Connie's Humming birds
# 27 is very clever, reading tea leaves. Our theme was to be about reading
Armchair with A Golden Book by Cindy G
 # 28 M is for Marriage by Shar
 # 30 The quilt with the blue sky is by Cathrine
(you don't want to know)
And on the chair is Gail's clock to tell us it's Quilting Time! Love it! 
Still missing one of the walls! because that's where Lynn's quilt was hanging...
 Along with Judy's Shoe Tree
 and a few others...

This is my second (and last) attempt to get all of them in one post!!!
One thing I can say, Annie's Star Quilt Guild has some pretty amazing quilters!

This is a pic of our wall of Community Quilts...
and that's not all of them

Enjoy your weekend! 
Groetjes, Jo

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