Sunday, August 28, 2016

Progress on Gypsy Wife

Karen, Barb and I met today to work on our Gypsy Wife quilts. Briefly for me as I spent the weekend getting ready for a business trip with a fellow Innovian, Joy. We are signed up for a week of longarm boot camp and training on the new Mach 3 software. Yea! 

Karen is making allot of progress on her Gypsy Wife, Barb and I are the caboose on this one. I am still working on my filler blocks and after this week away, will fall further behind! That's the life of a quilter :0) at least for me, the insane one that loves to start new projects!

As you can see my Civil War colors are all over the map!

Scrappy with a little fussy cutting thrown in

even had to do some mitered corners! 

My longarm studio will be closed until September 6th 
Michael will be holding down the fort until I get back.
Enjoy your week and Labor Day weekend!

Happy Trails until we meet again... 

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