Monday, October 3, 2016

Goal for October ~ Gypsy Wife

Barb, Karen and I started Gypsy Wife this summer, making progress off and on in between other projects and finishes. Toes in the Sand workshop with Kelly at Honey Run Quilters ended in September. All three of us have finished tops! Kelly, Karen, Linda and I all got overly ambitious and made two! Some are even quilted! Yea for September! 

My goal for October is to concentrate on Gypsy Wife...
making progress the last two weekends

This weekend I finished cutting all of my strips and organizing them by number
That helped allot! In case you are making this quilt... only cut one width of each strip. 
As I worked on sections, so far only found one strip needed a little bit more...
btw, there are 63 strips not 60 as the pattern indicates
All of my fabrics are Nineteenth Century repros 
Section One:
 Thankfully was easy and fun!

I decided to work from the bottom up rather than do the sections in numerical order
and started Section 6:  not so much fun

Not quite finished, had to substitute one block that didn't fit 
and three more blocks to finish this section. 
I knew this one was going to be a challenge after watching Karen work on it
last weekend at Good Times Weekend and gave Barb and I pointers on section 7 as well.

Start of Section 7

Blocks made last weekend at Good Times Weekend

This project and the pattern have been a challenge. Thank you Karen for 
foraging ahead and giving us hints and help along the way :0)

Barb, Karen and I discovered and follow along with a group of bloggers also working on
Gypsy Wife this year. They are a few months ahead of us and have been
a wonderful source and help along the way. Here is a link to Megan's blog Jaffa Quilts.
Thank you!

Enjoy your week. Love the rain we got yesterday, what a nice surprise! 
Tot ziens, Jo

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  1. I am drawn to the colors and fabrics you used for the quilt.


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