Sunday, September 8, 2013

Amazing Yard Sale Find!!!

Check this out! It's crazy!!!

 DH found this at a yard sale this weekend! Sold by a (looked to be in his 50s) gentleman that said this quilt was made by his grandmother. He was guessing in the 1930s.
 Her name ~ Florence Cole. I am guessing that she may have made it for her mother. The initials below are not the makers... E.L.B. 1893, possibly the mother's initials and DOB?
 Further down there are pics of the foundation squares. The block above is the only one pieced to muslin that looks pretty old. All of the other blocks are pieced to other fabrics.
 A printed ribbon. More pieces are ribbons of satin and velvet in different colors and widths
 Love the bird and the bug!
 A satin with a printed logo
 Flowers and all sorts of stitches and colors of pearl cotton
 Two fan blocks in the two lower corners
 You can see some of the basting stitches were left in
The fabrics are foundation pieced onto other scraps of fabric. Some were stained. Each piece was hand basted to the foundation squares and then stitched with pearl cotton with the decorative stitches. Some edges were turned under, including around corners. Some were left flat if the edge had a selvedge or was a ribbon. You can see the turned edges of the blocks on the back of the top.
 This is the back. All mid to light weight canvas and denim fabrics with the exception on one block that was sewn onto muslin. The muslin looks to be older fabric. It's the block with the initials. Could have been made earlier that the rest, possibly by the mother? If quilts could only talk more!
Amazing! And even more amazing DH paid $15 for this quilt top!!!


  1. I said it once, but I'll say it again......Awesome!!

  2. What an amazing find. Thanks so much for sharing!

  3. What a amazing quilt! Will you layer it and quilt it?

  4. WOW I have one from our family, but I think yours is actually in better condition. Mine is finished, with a backing but the whole thing is not quilted, just backed with a heavy denim weight fabric. This is amazing, and I am so glad that a quilter now has this lovely quilt.

  5. your hubby has a good eye. how nice of him to bring that amazing quilt home to you.

  6. Quite a find. I am no expert but I am wondering if it could have been made earlier than the seller thought and maybe given to his grandmother.


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