Sunday, September 8, 2013

UFOs for September

With one quilt finish in August, that carries two projects into September and adding a third to get that one on it's way to getting finished...

1. First up is my Medallion made earlier this year with Lori and Randy's SAL...
To do: finish FMQing, binding and a label. That's doable and a have to do this month for ASQG quilt show. Deadlines, like I don't have enough going on. Why do we do this to ourselves? Gets me up in the mornings.

2... a UFO since 2005. A mystery quilt pieced in one day with Planet Patchwork
Also doable as most of the quilting was done last year. The hangup... there is a ziplock bag containing the thread that I used, fabric for the binding and scraps for the label. That bag exists somewhere, problem is I have not been able to find out where it's hiding!
To do: find that bag, finish the quilting, binding and a label.

3... is a UFO from 2002, a BOM with Claudia's Quilt Shoppe. This pattern is still available on their website! The fabrics are vintage... all calico scraps from the 90's. Yikes!
The top is pieced. To do: Piece the backing, quilt, binding and attach the label that is ready :0) I am hoping when I pull the fabrics for this one, maybe I'll find that ziplock bag. Just thought of another place it might be in a stack of (clean/unused :0) pizza boxes I use for storing BOMs and BOWs in progress. I also made a small version of this quilt with the same fabrics. It's a finish.

I am linking up with Carrie's Nothing But UFOs. With one week into the month, I better get going!
 Enjoy the day, stitching away


  1. Have fun this month working on your great looking UFOs.

  2. I had forgotten about doing the applique border on the wall hanging from Lori's sew-along. I found it in a basket just yesterday. Yours looks so very good!


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