Sunday, January 12, 2014

ASQG Clinic

Saturday Annie's Star Quilt Guild in Chico, CA held our January workshop. The workshop committee put together a very creative program. Gail and Michelle set up a 'Health Clinic' for quilts! There were 6 'Clinicians' on duty to receive 'patients'.  Patients were required to fill in their Quilters Medical History form and everyone received a first aid kit when they arrived for their 9:30 am appointment. Each clinician alternated sessions at one hour intervals and patients could choose which area they felt was needed to make their quilts feel better :0)

This is Judy (right) and Millie holding up Judy's quilt made for her Curved Piecing clinic. Millie held a clinic on Binding tips. I learned a new trick sitting in on her clinic but didn't get into Judy's as it was packed for each session! Curved piecing must have the flu bug that is going around!
Judy, CS our Curved Specialist

Nancy, DQS ~ Domestic Quilting Specialist
Nancy with Chris taking a close look
Nancy demonstrated Free Motion Quilting. Some of us are learning and others got a prescription on how to improve our skills! She had some great tips!

 Beth, EP our expert Embroidery Practitioner!
Beth, EP above... and Joyce, our Veterinarian and Flying Geese Specialist! with her assistant Linda
Joyce shared different ways to make flying geese patches that turn out perfect! I sat in on this one because my Flying Geese are always sick. Well no more! One of Joyce's tutes was a true Aha Ha moment!

Grace and Bonnie held a clinic on Triangles. I missed getting a pic while they were in session but you can see their board in the upper left corner of the last pic.

All in all it was a great way to learn tips and tricks from our specialists! We had a delicious pot luck lunch, thank you to everyone that brought the tasty goodies from soups to desserts! Yummm! followed by show and tell...
Lynn with her smokin' HOT new truck!

Brandie with her Tree of Paradise that she is working on
LOVE how Brandie has appliqued her tree trunks and the roots form a flower or a four leaf clover. Her husband says it's a propeller! MY DH thinks the same, must be a guy thing! btw, that's Brandie of ABC. We are both working on Tree of Life quilts.  
Nicki with her newest quilt top

There were patients that brought along their sick and ailing quilts that needed some TLC from Grace, our expert, teacher and problem healer! I know two quilts that really benefited!

After lunch we held a Longarm Forum with a panel of three longarm quilters. We shared information from longarm terminology and how prepare a quilt for a longarmer to batting and thread choices. Followed with Q&A. We are a fortunate group to live in an area with many talented longarmers and businesses to choose from. Four of our local quilt shops offer longarm quilting services as well as several home based business with a range of styles and services.     

One more session was held so that everyone had a chance to visit one more clinic. Cleaned up and the clinic closed at 3:30. It was a wonderful day!!!


  1. What a great format! Everyone learned lots I bet!

  2. Great post Jo, very informative and great summary of the clinic. There definitely is a lot of local talent.

  3. It ws a lot of fun and very informative! I hope we do this every year, we could all benefit from it.

  4. looks like a very good time by all.


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