Saturday, January 4, 2014

New Year's Day Mystery

New Year's Day Janie and I had a wonderful time working on the Mystery quilt from Planet Patchwork.  An Oldie But Goodie is the name given to this quilt project. Here is an image of the top from their website.
 Dianne, the designer for this project made some changes in the layout on purpose as she based this quilt project on an old quilt she found. To quote her...
The basis for this design is an antique quilt top that followed me home one day.  Unfortunately, the dark brown and black fabrics were flaking away as I held it up to admire it.  I decided it was too far gone to try to restore it, so the next best thing was to attempt to recreate it with new fabrics.

You might notice that a few of the Anvil blocks have been turned in the “wrong” direction, which is exactly how the original quilt top was made!
This is the first block we laid out, it's called Anvil... turns out there are two blocks that will be alternated. The second is the large HST which we had cut but that's as far as that got :0)
There was more eating, football and visiting than sewing which meant we didn't keep up let alone finish our tops, but we had fun and it was a great way to start the New Year!

Question... for the layout, turn some of the blocks in the wrong direction as Dianne did in order to reproduce the original quilt top? Or go with the traditional layout? Which would you do?

It was very nice to have some time off for the holidays.  This weekend will be more football with the Pro playoffs while I finish blocks for this quilt as well as two more quilt projects I have in the works. Amaretto Cottage and a Tree of Life quilt. Monday will be back to work longarm quilting quilts promised 'after' the holidays :0)

Enjoy your weekend! Thanks for checking in
Looking forward to a new year and finding out what you all are up to :0)

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  1. You've got to do makes you happy and what feels right. Personally I keep looking at the picture and wanting to straighten the blocks but that's my hangup. Do what feels right for you.
    I Can't wait to see more of your trees!


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