Thursday, February 27, 2014

February Finish

My Tree of Life quilt top is a flimsy for my February goal and a Lovely Year of Finishes!
(Goal post 24 and finish post 104)
 I used up every single HST cut from the corners of another project and made another two dozen to finish the sawtooth inner border...
 added to the center field with corner and center stones.
With 8 inches of red fabric left for borders cut into four strips at 2 inches each. Not quite long enough for the second set of borders, I added the dark brown tree truck fabric for cornerstones to make it work for a finished quilt top!

Earlier this month I finished The Big EZ

and MidWinter's Blues 
Very happy with three flimsy finishes this month!


  1. Good job, Jo!
    Time to start another project!

  2. Congratulations all your finishes, but I especially love that stunning Tree of Life!

  3. Your tree of life is GORGEOUS! This has been a fun experience but never let me do HST that small again!
    Now to see who finishes their quilting first!

  4. Beautiful quilts, Jo! Love the Tree of Life. I look forward to having some of mine done on your new machine!

  5. That tree of life is stunning! I sat here and stared at it for a long time just admiring the work, the tiny hst and thinking of how beautiful it was. Woohoo

  6. Your tree quilt must have a million triangles in it! Beautiful finish.

  7. Wow, that is a gorgeous quilt! Hard to believe you can make something so beautiful from leftover triangles, isn't it? Congrats on getting it put together.

  8. You go girl! congrats on your finishes. Love the trees.


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