Friday, March 21, 2014

Spring! and polyester thread

Yea, it's Spring!!!

Not much to report from my little quilting corner of the world. Making progress on the binding for my March goal. It was a good thing I picked something easy with a few set backs this month. I did make some needed items for the studio. A panel of sheers for one of the windows, too much sun was coming in and beating down on my new longarm and the quilts loaded on the frame. I also made an envelope/pocket in order to protect customer quilts while on the frame since I do a full float*.

An important bit of information for quilters that use polyester threads for piecing. DO NOT use a hot iron when pressing your quilt top! Of course, it's never a good idea to use an iron that is set too high no matter what fabric or thread is used! This week I had a quilt loaded on the longarm all ready to go. After smoothing the top and basting the edges it started coming apart in one large area plus another of the quilt top! Not a good thing! When I looked under I could see scorch marks along the seams :~( Here is a link to my longarm blog post with more pix. An added note: some of the slick polys can come unstitched easily. I've had customer quilts seams pull apart sewn with those beautiful shiny polys and rayons that look and work great for machine embroidery. Not recommended for piecing! 

*Note: My method of loading a quilt top is called a 'full float' which means I do not attach the top to a leader. Only the backing gets attached to leaders. The top and batting are laid on top of the backing and basted across the top, then along the sides as the quilt progresses. In this way there is never any undue stress or pull on a quilt top's seams (FYI :0)
It's Friday and it's Spring. Two very good reasons to be happy today!
Enjoy your weekend, with time out in the garden
or spending some time stitching... or both!
I'm headed for the mountains 

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  1. Great tip re the polyester threads Jo, thanks will remember that one.
    Regarding your long arm a great idea - I used to do that sort of thing when I put a quilt on my frame (hand quilting). The problem with the top stretching happened to me when I sent a quilt out - the pattern at the top of the quilt had been pulled out of all proportion.


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