Saturday, March 8, 2014

Baby Bear panto and a new Design Wall

Design wall is up! 8 x 8 feet square. Michael cut out a hole for an outlet. Made with flannel covered sound board. We used dry wall screws with finish washers. Love it! 
Thank you to my sweetie :0)

Studio is almost finished. Yesterday my first 2 visitors, Esther came by for a visit in the morning and Janie in the afternoon to lay out her NYD Mystery quilt blocks. These are quilts Janie and I started together on New Year's Day.
This is Janie's...
Below is my top and a March goal to finish 

 Another of my goals, a baby quilt...
A practice piece on my Innova with a Baby Bear panto quilted on a flannel Penguin pre print
with black flannel backing. It's a keeper! Next to add binding.

A little bit of Spring like weather and then we have a new rain storm coming in on Sunday. Very happy with the last storm and the amount of rain, Northern California needs it.  

Enjoy your weekend
Groetjes, Jo


  1. Nice design wall. Much nicer than my hunk of Warm & Natural tacked up to my wall. May have to re-think this.

  2. I have got to get over to see your room! It has everything!

  3. now that is a great design wall. I want to have a much bigger one when we build our next house, one day!


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