Saturday, November 29, 2014

AC center field is complete!

All of the blocks are done (and one redone ;0) Inner border is added to the center medallion, all of the blocks are set into the corner sections and sewn onto the medallion. Yea! That completes the center field of my Amaretto Cottage! Great to take the day off and spend a lovely rainy day finishing one of my November goals and here it is...

This is the block that I changed yesterday
It was the very first block originally made with a light background
When I put it up on the design wall last week with the first layout
I wasn't happy with that light background fabric for corner blocks
First layout...
Second layout with the remade corner blocks
 ready to add to the center after
adding a medium tan border to the medallion 
and another shot of the center field finished!!!
Borders will be added, the same dark floral print that borders the medallion. Right now the center field measures 86 x 86. The center block, Missouri Star is 15", the blocks in the medallion are 6" and the blocks in the corner settings finish at 10".

Janie has all of her blocks completed as well and dropped them off last week. After the holiday we will put her blocks up on my design wall and start assembling her Amaretto Cottage. Pix soon :0) Her colors are completely different, the original fabrics by the designer, Marianne Elizabeth ~ Classically Home for RJR.

I would be happy dancing except this head cold from &%** still has a grip on me :0( Another rainy day YEA! and on to my next goal... Frozen quilts!... for the girls to be made for the next holiday... fast approaching! Yikes! Much to do. 

Spent a lovely day with Mom, Michael and our little Thanksgiving feast. Chris came, it was a wonderful day. Mom making a funny face at me. She is just so darn cute, especially for 99!

Enjoy your weekend
Groetjes, Jo

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  1. I agree with your redo, Jo. The white in the center and the four pinwheel thingies is dynamic, and would have been diminished by the outer light ones. Very nice quilt. Good job!


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