Friday, November 7, 2014

Challenge Quilt

Last night at Annie's Star Quilt Guild meeting was our deadline for turning in our Challenge Quilts. At next months meeting all of them will be displayed and voted on. I completed mine just an hour before leaving for the meeting, well mostly completed with plans to add some beads and more embellishments but a deadline is a deadline! I ended up sewing down the binding by machine, also not planned and not done well as I caught an edge on one side. With no time to fix it... off it went! Oh well, that's what happens when you wait until the last minute :0(

Pix of the completed project will be posted after December's guild meeting. For now a hint and a pic of what is left of the provided piece of fabric that had to be included. 
Other than one Fat Quarter, all of the fabrics I used where scraps from a quilt that my friend Donna made. That was a challenge in itself! It was fun to get outside of my traditional box, dust off a package of fusible and create an art quilt! Another hint is this quilt honors my disabled brother and will be gifted to him once we complete the challenge and quilt show. Pix next month following our December 4th meeting! 

Janie is in Hawaii for a family reunion so her Amaretto Cottage project is on hold. The challenge quilt has been on my quilting agenda and now its time to regroup and set some goals for November, this weekend. For today, it's back to customer quilts, mom and checking in with last night's speaker, Sandy Klop of American Jane Patterns

Wonderful presentation and trunk show last night. Sandy has a pattern company and is a fabric designer for Moda. I highly recommend her for her professionalism, it's been a pleasure to work with her and her company. Being treasurer I didn't get a chance to paruse her beautiful fabrics and patterns. The tables were packed with members anyway so I am looking forward to meeting with her at the workshop taking place today at Honey Run Quilters @ Cathy's. Wishing I could have signed up for this one, Brandie did and it will be fun to see what wonderful quilt she makes today!

TGIF :0)
Groetjes, Jo

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