Saturday, January 17, 2015

East Texas

(NQR) The only quilting accomplished so far this year has been for customers on my Innova. Pix posted on my quilting business blog. In place of quilting, here are a few pix from our trip to Texas over the holidays. I enjoy exploring texture and color...

and reflections (mirror images ;0)...

Look close, there is a black long legged spider
crawling along the fungi!

The pix above were taken in East Texas in Martin Dies Jr. State Park close to Woodville on New Year's Day. It was cold and rainy which made for great photos! It looked like we were in Louisiana. Cypress trees with big root balls in the lake and hanging moss. We kept expecting to see an alligator, thankfully only in our imaginations...

We had a great weekend stay at a cabin on a small private lake with friends from Houston. Ken, Eva, Michael, Wendy, Michael and I plus Lola, Ken's beautiful lab. Thank you friends for bringing in the New Year!

Ken is the president and owner of a scuba diving vacation business called Island Dreams Travel. Also a wonderful musician, participating in the Gypsy Dance Theatre. Wonderful person and great photographer too, thank you Ken!

We love to spend time in Houston, where the Michaels grew up together, spending a few days with Michael and Wendy. Great places to go out for eats. The Christmas lights were amazing. We had a wonderful visit despite the weather.

A few pix of Michael and Wendy's garden in Houston the day before we left. So many wonderful little treasures to be found! Love how Michael repurposes items into his garden...

with a few additions we contributed over the years...
There are always veggies mixed in everywhere as well :0)
 and one of the mermaids for Michael.

Thank you Michael and Wendy, we love you!

Groetjes, Jo

This was our drive home and this is in Northwest Texas!
It was burr chilly all the way thru until we reached Nevada.
Not fun, happy to be home safe.


  1. Beautiful pictures, Jo! I knew immediately that it was eastern Texas, but that garden is not what I ever pictured.

  2. the quilt on your header is absolutely beautiful!


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