Monday, March 23, 2015

Yuba City Quilt Show 2015

Brandie and I had a fun afternoon with a drive to Yuba City and attending Valley Quilt Guild's 32nd quilt show. This is the first quilt we were both drawn to in the first isle. Very cute and fun! The theme of the show was 'Not Your Grandma's Quilt' and this quilt fit that theme :0) Brandie loved the flamingos wearing boots. Very cute, Glamping in lots of bright prints! Hand quilted too!

Kim Buzolich was the featured quilter. Her quilts were stunning! She was there with her quilts in the next isle, we loved her work. Lots of machine as well as hand quilting on Hawaiian applique quilts. Kim's most recent work are quilts combining photography and free motion quilting. Gorgeous work and I didn't get one photo, we were so taken meeting Kim and admiring her work. Plus, right then we bumped into a friend that I haven't seen since my return to Chico. Nice! Link to new blog post with pix of Kim's quilts.

From that isle I spied Jim's big smile and headed over to visit the Sew So Shop's booth. I spent allot of time visiting with Jim and Nicky, owners of the shop and my Innova dealer. Caught up on the latest Innova news.  I've been hoping for a longarm event like Birds of a Feather on the west coast. Well that wish may come true later this year... Yea!

Back to quilts... my draw to quilts of course is the machine quilting :0)
Brandie and I both loved this one with piecing and applique. 
I like the cornerstones/sashing and the fill on this one.
 This quilt was just across from it and also beautifully quilted!

 This medallion quilt was fun, 
we both liked how she used the sun in the top and bottom borders.

 Another quilt with Civil War fabrics 
used to make these unusual blocks set on point and more wonderful quilting...
 Named Civil War Stars made by Linda Matsumoto
and quilted by Karen Litvinchuk

Karen Litvinchuk and Quilts by Kathy did allot of the machine quilting for the quilters at this show. Really nice work by both the piecers as well as the longarmers. I'm usually better at documenting who did what but Brandie and I were there for another purpose as well, connecting with vendors and we were getting short on time. We are the vendor chairs for our guild, Annie's Star Quilt Guild and it was nice to meet and greet vendors that will be coming to our show as well as inviting new vendors.

 More quilts, this one had some fun quilting done by it's maker

 A Sue Spargo inspired quilt of birds
I like the beaded neck on this one
and Brandie liked this one below, we both loved their feet :0)

 A second quilt made by Linda M and quilted by Karen Litvinchuk
Love the ruler work Karen did on this quilt

 Nice curved cross hatch on this one
:0(I took a pic of the placard but it's not readable)

 LOVED this one... with it's feathered stars
 Sandy Klop (American Jane) fabrics
 and the quilting WOW! These are some REALLY small stitches!!!
(again, placard is not legible, time for a new camera!)
or operator

One more, a row quilt
Not my favorite style of quilts but I do like this one
Especially with the row of little Swoon blocks :0)

It was a wonderful afternoon
Enjoy the week
Make the time to take some stitches because...
"We will be known forever by the tracks we leave."
Native American Proverb
tot ziens, Jo


  1. Some literally jaw-dropping quilting there!

    It's funny how many of my friends focus on the quilting at shows these days. I better go take my baby steps to doing my own.

    I looked up the featured quilter, and saw her photographic (large) flower quilts. Beautiful.

  2. It was a great show! A lot of inspiration. Makes me wish I had six hands to make just half of what made an impression on me.


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