Sunday, April 3, 2016

Good Times Weekend April 2016

Pix taken at Goldie's Good Time Weekend 

Starting off with quilts made by our wonderful host, Goldie!

These are but 2, Goldie worked on two more beauties, 
a baby quilt plus a second she is making for Community Service for our guild

Bev A. quilted a cutwork runner doing FMQ on her machine
 Absolutely gorgeous work! The pic does not do it justice :0(
I don't know how Bev and Beth are able to concentrate on their FMQing during the weekend and do such a beautiful job,
I tried and failed miserably!!! Way too many distractions!

Bev also worked on piecing a red and floral quilt, however,
I was not fast enough to get a picture

Jan started and finished this flimsy over the weekend. 
Great batiks and color choices, a group favorite!

Judy R. made this fun quilt from star fabrics her husband purchased for her!
He's a keeper!!! Judy sewed on the binding on Friday.

Then she pieced this star over the weekend along with other projects.
Sorry Judy, the pic of the Hunter's Star did not come out. It's a beauty!

Nancy made this table runner, from start to quilting.

Carol's scrappy creations #1

and #2... busy bee was she!

Suzanne with her paper pieced blocks started in one of our guild's workshops.
She had a great story about how the colors symbolize the colors of a bird's wing in flight.
Very kewl!

Sandy had a couple of projects going, this is the first one she started
and finished to a flimsy using her Australian aboriginal fabrics , love!
A second flimsy finished! Well done Sandy!

Barbara's One Block Wonder

Phoebe, our prolific quilter working on blocks for one quilt

and a second

plus flimsy #1

and flimsy #2 made with blocks she won at our guild. 
You will see these again on my longarm blog as they
came home with me to be quilted in April :o) Thank you Phoebe! 

One more, this one quilted by Connie. WOW
Connie does FMQ on a domestic... Beautifully quilted!!!

One of Leslie's quilts

and a second. Loved how Leslie fussy cut the borders! Well done!
Plus she worked on a big pile of HSTs and cut for a new project
with vintage fabrics, looking forward to seeing the progress on both :0)

Modern Quilting Blocks by Karen in Kaffe prints! Well done Karen
 and this one is a challenge to piece with so many different sized blocks.
This one came home with me too! Yipee!!!
Karen's cup started in last month's guild's workshop
finished now! Yea, this one is a challenge!
 And then there were the bag ladies! Terry led a workshop in the classroom
 for Honey Run Quilter's last week making Skinny Fat Bags. By the weekend, 
they were multiplying like rabbits! Above is Karen's

and this is Barb's made in the workshop. And a second one,
 a great Beachie Bag ;o) using Beachie prints Barb made over the weekend!

Barbara's Sexy Hexie quilt. 
Barb just started this quilt a week ago Saturday. I watched her cut out all of the hexies with the Hex and More ruler from JayBird. Machine pieced, YES! by machine with Y seams, lots of them, this woman is fearless!!! not to mention really good!

There were a few I missed, the new to me camera is not fond of fast action photography!
Plus there were quilters that didn't stay for the whole weekend & Sunday's show and tell.
For example Kathy who made at lease 3 Skinny Fat Bags!
Sandy made one too and Ronda made at least 2 

Hope ya'll had a wonderful weekend. We did!!!
Off to watch the new shows tonight on PBS 
Tot ziens, Jo

UPDATE with a few more pix that Carol took
and posted on the guild's Facebook

Judy R's Hunter Star 

 Judy J and the blocks that she worked on

Another pic of Karen with her Cuppa
using the 10 foot rule
This gives a better perspective of size as well :0)

Last, pix of my own tops
Thank you Carol for taking pix!
Calypso, almost finished, two more borders for the sides and it's officially a flimsy

and a flimsy finish!!! of You Need a Rita
(which we were thinking was a good idea about now ;0)

Thanks for looking!

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