Saturday, May 21, 2016

Pairs of Sandy Toes

I've made each workshop at Honey Run Quilters
 for Toes in the Sand by Julie Herman at Jaybird Quilts.
Last Wednesday we made four blocks
Two blocks of two blocks, if that makes any sense ;0)

Starting from the beginning of Kelly's workshop...
Block One ~ Baker Beach
Each block is made twice, in different fabrics, usually reversing the values 
These are pix of my batik version
Each block represents a different beach along the California coast 
Kelly does research and reads us the history of each beach while we work on our blocks :0)

Block Two ~ Santa Barbara

Block Three ~ Venice Beach

Block Four ~ Sonoma Coast

Block Five ~ Torrey Pines
These are blocks Three of the version I am doing in other fabrics
along with the background fabric that will be used for this quilt.
I picked out the background fabric for the batik version last week 
pix another day, it's not cut yet. 
Come to find out, Karen picked out the same fabric for her background! 

First three sets of blocks in my other fabric with 
blocks four and five to do. 

I am also working on a costume for my son... that will be a kick! 
I haven't made clothing in a zillion years!!! It will be fun
Costume we are working on is Max from Where the Wild Things Are

Max without his crown altho Chris is making that too

Have a great weekend!
 Tot Ziens, Jo


  1. I love that idea of making blocks to represent the beaches of California. I wonder how many you all will do, and if Santa Cruz might be one of them. I wonder how she comes up wih the designs.

    Good work on your blocks, Jo. And cute costume!

    1. Sandy, the next block is Santa Cruz! There are 12 blocks, 2 of each for a total of 24 plus the background triangles. The designs are by Julie Herman of Jaybird Quilts. Her designs are all made from triangles, hexies and jewel shapes. Thanks!


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