Sunday, May 1, 2016

April showers, May flowers and Sandy Toes

April brought showers for May flowers!

Happy here in California we received a decent amount of rain. Not enough to get us out of the drought, however, happy to see the glass half full, it's allot more than last year! 
My garden is fully in bloom and the pollen, well, let's not go there! 

Happy May Day!!!
I remember as a kid we would make a cone out of construction paper, attach a piece of string and fill it with flowers. Then we would hang them on the door knobs of each of our neighbors. Mom was pretty creative and I am glad because the apple didn't fall very far from that tree :0) 

One of my goals for May is to keep up on Toes in the Sand
In April we had 2 BOM meetings, completing blocks one and two
 making 2 of each block with different fabrics/values to make each of them different.
I am making two quilts :0) one with batiks...
  I began after I saw three participants using blue batiks.
Sew when I went home after our first meeting I pulled all of the ocean and water 
themed batiks out of my stash that I could find! 
Which, btw, works perfectly with my goal of using up my stash ;0)

My original fabrics pulled for Toes in the Sand
Kelly asked each of us which was our favorite California beach. Mine is Prairie Creek. I've camped there many times. Located on the northern coast of California, it's one of the few places you will find Roosevelt Elk right there in the park. There are California Black Bears, Redwoods, coastal cliffs, the beach and Fern Canyon. It's an amazing place! My fabrics are textural, have prints with deer, bears and shells. 


Toes in the Sand is a BOM from Jaybird Quilts. Each block is named for a California beach. Kelly researches the history about each beach and shares what she finds with us, reading aloud as we work on our blocks. It's great! Thank you Kelly, you are the best! 

Happy with the April finish of two quilt tops!!! A Linda Ballard workshop quilt You Need a Rita! pictured in my previous blog post and Calypso Kaleidoscope, now with all it's borders. Made two blocks for Westering Women. Several blocks for Patchwork City. Keeping up with Sandy Toes. Good progress!

My May goals: 
Two more blocks for Westering Women ~ Barbara Brackman's Civil War blog. 

Make more blocks on a WIP ~ Patchwork City. 

Two more blocks for Moon Glow to get caught up with Beckie and be ready once she is ready to get back to working on that WIP. She is working on wedding quilts! 

Piece the back and quilt Calypso Kaleidoscope. Ok, that's allot especially given that I have a full time job keeping up longarming for my customers!

Enjoy your Sunday 
Tot ziens, Jo


  1. Toes In the Sand. Now that is a descriptive quilt name. I see you are using batiks for the blocks. The batik blends work so well for a beachy look.

  2. I just commented on FB about making paper cones to hang on neighbor's doorknobs. (She had done berry baskets.) This certainly gives me an idea for a little May Day quilt!!



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