Sunday, July 7, 2013

Garden time & a few stitches

With a bit cooler weather in the mid 90s we were able to spend time in the garden this weekend. Lawn was mowed, some weeding and veggies harvested... I made a baked eggplant, zucchini and tomato dish for dinner with rice. Earlier today we had green beans with our lunch, it's so nice to pick from the garden and make a meal. Corn will be ready soon!
... and some time to put in a few stitches on the Medallion quilt. Auditioned fabric for the stems.
It's nice that some of the tools I use for making home dec products also come in handy for quilting. A long narrow cutting mat used for cutting welt comes in handy for cutting bias strips for the stems. It's also wonderful for trimming quilts after they have been quilted.
Tubes for making stuffed welting work great for turning stems. Here are the flowers and birds, ready to be appliqued... something for the evenings as tomorrow it's back to working on jobs.
Following are pics of the veggie garden, hope you all had a nice long weekend...
Early Girl Tomatoes

Corn is almost ready!
A baby melon, so cute when they start out all fuzzy

Bee in a Squash flower
Baby Artichoke

Thanks for stopping by for a visit
Wishing for a wonderful week and time to take a few stitches

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  1. Your garden is beautiful and looks so plentiful. My garden has two pinky sized tomatoes and nothing else. I'm jealous of yours.


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