Sunday, July 21, 2013

Medallion SAL progress

progress for this weekend...
Stems sewn, turned and pressed. Here is the first layout this morning using the applique pieces that were ready...
Downloaded the numbers for the date from Lori's blog ~ Humble Quilts. Made and added a few more flowers and lots more leaves :0) I made the flowers using a revised method and used a heavy duty starch instead of gluing the seam allowances over the freezer paper. That part worked great,  best is that all of the paper is removed before sewing down the applique. So far so good as I haven't started stitching yet. Here is the final layout before everything was glue basted in place... 
 Tried to get an overhead shot but missed one edge. Right now it's still on my table while all the glue sets up before I take the borders off (they are temporarily basted on) I am going to do all the stitching with the borders off and then sew them on again for good. Stems will start and end in the seams. 

My layout is a little different plus I added my initials at the top. Loving this project, (thank you Lori and Randy!) enough that I decided to quilt this right away and include it with my quilts for Annie's Star Quilt Guild's quilt show in September! Initially I wanted to enter my Civil War Sampler and have it judged, but reality is that it's not going to happen for this show and I don't want to end up in a rush with the quilting. Since this quilt is made from the scraps of my CW quilt, it can represent!

Hope you all are having a great weekend. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I love your version of Lori and Randy's quilt!

    I just have to stitch the numbers on and I will be done!

  2. Love your version, I was so tempted to make this quilt but resisted, maybe I'll make it next year :) I've been using the freezer paper method with starch, once I take the freezer paper out, I tack the turned under portion down and then position it on the quilt.


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