Thursday, July 18, 2013

Heating up again

A picture I took yesterday of our Crepe Myrtle in our back yard. 

The closest part of the house pictured is my workroom with my longarm. There is a second window that looks out under the tree. I have humming bird feeders in the tree and enjoy watching the hummers and a family of bright yellow Orioles that visit often.We have Black Chinned and Anna hummers. Usually we get a few Rufus as they migrate thru but haven't seen them this year.

Our weather is heating up again, triple digits predicted for this weekend. I am getting allot of machine quilting done, only it's not on any of my projects. :0(  Last weekend we took advantage of nice temps, spent the time gardening and hosted a barbeque with a corn on the cob fiesta with neighbors. I didn't get very far on my applique for my Medallion quilt.

Altho I missed out on going to Sisters, it was wonderful to follow along with Lori ~ Humble Quilts. She made allot of progress at retreat and is still posting wonderful pics from Sisters. I did get a post card sent from Sisters from my friend Pam B! Hi Pam, thank you!!!

I did get lots accomplished this week with customer quilts and am feeling much better than I did a week ago. Mom is doing OK. She sleeps allot, not eating much and it shows with the weight she has lost. It's difficult to watch her slipping away, much more now physically as well as mentally.

Looking forward to spending time indoors this weekend with the air and my sewing machine humming! Enjoy the day and take time to make a few stitches!

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  1. Your Crepe Myrtle is beautiful. We have a large one too, and I love it. Not really any hummers though.


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