Thursday, November 7, 2013

Mom's 98th birthday!

Happy Birthday to my Mom
 She is 98 years young! 
Mom has dementia so we had to keep reminding her that it was her birthday. Each time she would ask, How old am I? When we told her she would say, Oooooh , 2 more years and I'll be 100 and they will put me in the newspaper! (Except she says it in Dutch)
She had enough of taking pictures
Funny Mom!

These photos were taken last year. I put her to work in my studio unpinning a quilt from the leaders on my longarm! She liked it for about 5 minutes and then she was done :0)
Most days they just like to watch. Crystal says Hi too!

Groetjes, Jo


  1. She certainly does not look her age! Happy Birthday mum!!

  2. Happy Birthday to your mom. She looks great for her age, and she is lucky to have you for her daughter.


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