Saturday, November 30, 2013

November is coming to a close

Can you believe it, tomorrow is the 1st of December! Don't know what I was thinking, my busiest time of the year and getting UFOs finished. Yea right. I did make a little progress on my Tree of Life quilt. It is fun to work on a quilt without a pattern, making it up as I go. This is my latest layout.

I am happy with the center medallion. Debating about adding a sawtooth border as an outer border design. It's between adding the sawtooth border into the corner tree blocks or letting them float between the trees... or leaving them out altogether and make a solid outer border.
Nada accomplished on two other UFOs. It's OK tho, I am getting quilts done for customers including a WIP with Janie. We are working together on a BOM she purchased last year. Amaretto Cottage. She asked me to help with some piecing techniques. I am making the quilt along with her in CW repros. Janie has her first two blocks finished...
 Four of block #1 in a 6 inch size finished and is working on 4 more 10 inch size blocks
 This is block #2 which she finished 8 in the 6 inch size.
Here are my blocks made in Civil War repros.
including block #3, another 6 inch block, my favorite size :0) Next are 12 log cabin blocks, easy for December. Janie can handle that on her own. She is doing great!

We enjoyed a nice Thanksgiving Day with Mom. Worked Friday. Today we spent the afternoon with friends that live up in the pines, picking up greens for some Christmas decorating. Having way too much fun (and time) on Pinterest gleaning ideas for quilts and the holidays. With the weather turning cold, it's evening time, cuddled up in a quilt, my laptop and my sweeties watching football :0)

Enjoy your weekend!  Groetjes, Jo


  1. oooh... all those little Triangle Squares, and matching up all those points ~ you're brave! That is going to be one stunning quilt!

  2. Oh my word, so many little pieces all coming together so beautifully.


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