Monday, November 18, 2013

River City Quilt Show

Over the weekend I visited The River City Quilt Show in Sacramento, CA. Wonderful show!
Some pix of a few of my favs...
First up is a quilt made with Civil War repros. An uneven log cabin style block set on point.

LOVED this one because... yep the quilting :0)
This quilt was made and quilted by the quilt maker. Gorgeous!

Nice basket quilt in red and white

This Beauty is made with Civil War repros. Love it!!!
(Upper left corner the sun is shining on the quilt) Detail...

Cute appliqued baskets with striped handles

and some Art quilts...
This was a small quilt that drew allot of attention. This is hand dyed, machine stitched (the tree rings) and burned! Very unusual. I suspect it was made with synthetics as you could see how the fabric melted, turned black (cotton would turn to ash) and was recessed. It looked very much like wood. It is framed in wood. 
A challenge to create Bird's Eyes

The diamonds are turned edge applique and top stitched on this quilt.
Another challenge with the subject of vacations.

This one is fun because of the quilting :0)

There were about 200 quilts and 32 vendors. Great show and guild members of Sacramento. They had a big 'country store'. The food was very good. Wonderful building. I went to the show with Betty and Marion. We met Lauren there as well. Wishing we had as nice a venue in Chico for our guild, Annie's Star quilt show. We did get some good ideas to bring back to the committee.

Chatted with vendors that came to our show this year. Purchased some Civil War fabrics from Debbie's Quilt Shop, she carries the best repros. Met and invited other vendors to come to our next show.

 A busy weekend, worked Saturday, quilt show Sunday with no UFO progress. The Holiday Craft Fair with Honey Run Friday and Saturday went well. A few items sold and I purchased a quilt. Pieced by Teresa and quilted by Cindy Needham. Red stars and, of course, beautifully quilted :0) Pic to follow as soon as I take one.

Thanks for visiting. Enjoy your week


  1. I'm so sorry I missed the show. It looks like it was a really good one. I can't wait to see your new red star quilt.

  2. Oh my, what beautiful quilts! I especially liked the wood, the feather one, and the quilting on the second one, and the Birds Eyes! Seriously that is pretty awesome.
    And did you know that you have to prove you're not a robot thing on on this blog?

    1. Thought it was turned off. It's off now, thank you :0)

  3. that eye quilt is so interesting.


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