Sunday, December 8, 2013

Last of the Flowers

First, this is the layout I am going with for my Tree of Life quilt... still pinned, it's kind of wonky on my design wall.
Sawtooth border around the trees instead of running into them. It means making more HSTs which is what I am doing today. I am having so much fun working on this quilt even tho it's only a few hours a week. 

Keeping up with my longarm business and getting quilts quilted for the holidays by working Saturdays. Just finished working on a large quilt for Beckie. It's a new design and I love it! Quilted with wool batting, the quilting design shows really well. I would quilt one of my Civil War quilts with this pattern. For an all over design, it's really nice, especially for a quilt with a busy print/pattern.
Here is the quilt rolled up on my take up bar... it's big!

The last of the flowers are gone. Here is a picture I took just before the cold snap came in. We had almost a week of hard freezes each night. Last night wasn't as cold as the predicted 17 F but after yesterday's rain and snow mix, the wet was frozen this morning. Three nights in the mid 20's. We lost allot of plants, despite covering them each night.
The pic is of the flowers on the ground cover we added to the front yard this year. Flowers are all gone now, just hope the plants survived and will be back in the Spring. Of course, the veggie garden is toast! Goodbye Fall... Hello Winter! The Philadelphia Detroit football game today is being played in the snow! Those guys have short sleeves, sliding in the snow, crazy!

I'm off to make lunch and HSTs.  Enjoy your day, hope it is warm and toasty :0)


  1. I love your Tree Of Life quilt arrangement.

    Great quilting!

    Brrr, it never gets that cold here!!!! Stay warm!

  2. It is a beauty, Jo. It was funny watching them play football in the snow!

  3. I love Tree of Life quilts and your layout for these blocks is AWESOME!

  4. your tree quilt is coming along. I love that quilting design.


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