Saturday, April 12, 2014

Spring is Blooming :0)

Our Iris and Azaleas out front
 Purple Iris are the first to open, coming soon are the Antique Yellow Iris
So pretty set against the Azaleas
 Columbine and Sweet William out back

This is the best bloom on our little Dogwood, set here at sunset last evening with the new leaves and flowers from one of the giant Black Walnut trees

Something quilty...
progress on Amaretto Cottage medallion

Enjoy your weekend


  1. Has that big bumble bee come back to play in the iris's?
    It all looks lovely!

    1. Yes it has and it brought a few of it's friends and relatives :0)

  2. Beautiful garden photos, the purple iris is especially stunning as is your Amaretto Medallion!

  3. gorgeous flowers. this time of year is so great. my irises just have leaves right now but it won't be long before the stalks appear.


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