Tuesday, November 10, 2015

It ain't over until the fat lady sings

There were no fat ladies singing, the quilts have been taken down, the doors to the quilt show closed, however it's not over. Always those little things to wrap up. It was a grand event. Wonderful vendors, good food from Roots, family and friends came to see our quilts! Life is good!!! Where to start with pix... so will begin with my kids!
My son Chris, better known as Scribles, Kristy and Haley standing in front of Kelly's quilt at our guild's Harvest of Quilt's quilt show. Michael was a gigantic help and support for me. In fact, he was so helpful and quick on his feet, there are no pix of him! That's just how good he is! Love these wonderful people! 

I have the best customers too! with the nicest comments on their placards. Thank you! This week I am posting pix of quilts made by each of them on my longarm/customer blog Moonbear Designs and Quilting. Each day there will be a post featuring each of their quilts, today began with Judy's two quilts... here is the link :0) 

This is another link to Lynn Wilder's blog, Sew'n Wild Oaks with some really good pix of Donna Greenwald's (our featured quilter) quilts plus an even better pic of Amaretto Cottage. Thank you Lynn!

Still recovering along with my longarm. Today I spent the day fine tuning my longarm, Helena. She has been working hard this year and deserves a little TLC. I am changing out her check spring and getting her tuned up for the holidays and ready to frost some quilts. 

Hard to pic a fav but... this one I have to share because I worked on it with my friend Janie for more than a year. Amaretto Cottage... finished and hanging at ASQG's Harvest of Quilts 2015 in Chico, CA... with a first place ribbon in our category... Well done Janie!!!
 Tot ziens, Jo

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