Monday, November 9, 2015

Sew'n Wild Oaks

 This is Lynn Wilder's Sew'n Wild Oaks booth set up 
at Annie's Star Quilt guild in Chico CA
Our guild was very fortunate to have Lynn and Gail join us as a vendor
plus earlier this year Lynn was our guest speaker at our guild meeting 
followed by a great workshop. I learned allot from Lynn's Patchwork Math book! 

These are pix from Lynn's blog. Lynn also posted some pix of our member's quilts along with quilts made by Donna Greenwald, our featured quilter. Check it out here!

I have yet to download all the pix I took at the show. I was so tiered following the show, I was asleep really early, as soon as I got home and my head rested on my pillow. Of course, now I'm up early thinking about what a wonderful weekend we all enjoyed! Stay tuned for pix later this morning! First, back for a few more ;~zzzzzzzs tot ziens, Jo


  1. Dear Jo,
    Please extend our thanks to your entire guild for making this such a fun weekend for Gail and me. You, and your guild members were attentive to our every need. We loved chatting with all of your guild members. We saw and spoke with many of our friends from the Paradise Guild also. You girls sure know how to put on a quilt show and make the attendees and the vendors very welcomed.
    Take care,

    1. Will do and thank you Lynn! Until next we meet :0) Jo


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