Friday, July 15, 2016

Good Times Weekend

Headed for Friday Night Live and Good Times Weekend! 
Yipee! Three of us are starting Gypsy Wife.
Just to wet our whistle... 

Here are a couple Gypsy Wife quilts presented at 
Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show last weekend 
The beauty above is done in batiks

Loved the quilting on this one made by Elizabeth Woo
quilted by Valori Wells :0)  

The light background strips are great! 
and show off the quilting 

Sisters, A Quilter's Affair and the Quilt Show were amazing. It was sensory overload! We have a pile of mail, email, laundry and allot of pix to sort thru. Will share more soon!
Michael had a great time too! 
Enjoy your weekend!
Tot ziens, Jo

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  1. I have seen several color combos done in this pattern. Seems like no matter what combo it is, it turns out good.


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