Friday, July 29, 2016

Rows of Toes!

Toes in the Sand

Making good progress with my quilting projects this week! One reason... the summer temps :0( it's been triple digits all this week... yuck! Too hot to run my longarm computer except in the early early mornings. It's not even 6 am and it's 80 degrees outside already :0( The studio hitting 90 by late afternoon. Sew, I've been spending the afternoons working on my Toes in the Sand and Gypsy Wife, sewing in the house (my studio is not air conditioned) or, as I have the last two days, with friends sewing at Cathy's/Honey Run Quilters classroom. Thank you Dan for keeping us nice and cool! Plus, Dan came in and helped me get my Singer Featherweight running. Yea! 

In June a herd of us started Toes in the Sand with Kelly at Honey Run Quilters. Toes is a quilt from Jaybird using the Hex and More ruler designed by Julie @ Jaybird Quilts. As a very traditional quilter, this has been a really fun project to make new shapes... allot of them! Hexies, triangles, half hexies and jewels. We are getting close to finishing our tops, a few like Linda with two finished! I'm getting close with this one :0) and a second in batiks that will be finished during the August meets. Here are a few of the 'blocks' in progress...

with a little fussy cutting going on :0) 

Allot of fun working out of my box both with shapes and color! Texture too :0) Still keeping my hands busy with Civil War fabrics! This month Karen, Barb and I started Gypsy Wife, mine in CW. That is quite the project! Right now we are working on the 'filler' blocks, more on that later. For now, off to get longarm work done before it gets too hot. Have the whole house fans on trying to pull as much of the cool air into my studio as possible before the sun is up. Happy Friday! Tot ziens, Jo

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