Thursday, December 8, 2016

A tribute to Goldie

We lost a dear friend, quilter and teacher here in Northern California. Goldie Olson passed away peacefully with family on Tuesday. Goldie touched many of us with her heart that was filled with the joy of quilting. She loved to share that knowledge with everyone around her with her classes, groups, gatherings and pot lucks. Good Times Weekend, Friday Night Live, Stash Burner and Scrap Happy have been hosted by Goldie at Honey Run Quilters in Cathy's classroom for many years. Just this past weekend Good Times was held without Goldie's presence and smile for the first time. 

I meet so many quilters that have taken a class or classes from Goldie. Most recent her Bargello class this year. We have all benefited from her knowledge and love of quilting. It was a pleasure and honor to quilt many of Goldie's beautiful quilts.

Following are pix of a few plus pix taken during show and tell at two of her Good Times Weekends and ending with her quilts displayed at Annie's Star Quilt Guild's 2011 quilt show when Goldie was our Featured Quilter. 

 Goldie's Christmas Tree Bargello sample quilted for the class she taught 
at Honey Run Quilters in the Fall of 2014

Let's Begin sampler by Goldie Olson
Goldie told me when I quilted this for her, Let's Begin was a sampler that she taught many moons ago. The fabrics reflect the era :0)  

Goldie's Bargello class sample 

Pix taken during show and tell at two of 
Goldie's Good Times Weekends...

All of the following pix were taken at the 2011 
Annie's Star Quilt Guild quilt show 
when Goldie was our Featured Quilter... 

Goldie, you and that beautiful smile will be sorely missed  
Goldie and her daughter Marta
Marta posted this pic on FB yesterday 
Margo and Marta, your mother is loved by sew many! 
She is one very special lady 


  1. Thanks Jo for doing the tribute to Goldie. It was fun to see her with all her wonderful quilts.

    1. A pleasure, these are but a few, Goldie's body of work and talent is truly amazing! I hope a little bit of Goldie can carry on thru all of us and on to new quilters coming into the art :0)

  2. Jo, is it ok if I share this on The Rabbit Hole FB page?

  3. Sad news . Thank you Jo for for posting this beautiful tribute to Goldie, displaying the many examples of her quilting insight and artful creations. I am one of the many local quilters that benefitted from her skill and talent. Her family and friends may be comforted knowing that the many quilts made by her and her students will keep Goldie's memory alive for many years to come. �� Stephanie

  4. Thank you so very much. I am streaming tears but of joy also. What a tribute to my mom. Her quilts are her legacy and teaching was her legacy. Every room in my home is filled with these. Now they mean so much more. I mean when I see them I realize she picked the fabric, the pattern, the thread, the batting, she cut each and every piece and sewed it. And her amazing binding work. Now I can just touch them and feel my mom and they will remain so very precious to me. Thank you again as this really touched me. She will also be my mommy but to others she was a teacher and we all know she lived and breath to quilt. We will all miss her forsure. Love to all of you.

  5. A beautiful tribute!

  6. I am honored to have been able to take her last Bargello class. Goldie was a true inspiration. Her love of life and those around her came through in her quilting.
    The Northstate quilting community has lost an icon.

  7. Oh my I love that smile! She will be so missed! B. Kelly


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