Saturday, August 24, 2013

All work and no play!

Altho my work is play! I am very fortunate to have a wonderful group of talented quilters that trust me with their beautiful quilts :0) This is a quick quilt made by Beckie with a pre-printed panel that I got to play with... I quilted a border design with corners and then FMQ on the print.
I ended up working last weekend and made little progress on my UFOs.
Last Saturday I met the most amazing quilter. Her name is Shirley, 92 years old and an amazing quilter! She just finished a quilt and asked me to quilt it for her! We had the best morning. She showed me quilts she made over the years plus a few made by her mother in law. Many all hand made and quilted! They were gorgeous and no I did not have my camera with me!
Sunday I finished an applique quilt for a customer I've been working on for some time. That was the best feeling! However, no progress on my Medallion. That will happen this weekend along with two more quilts on my UFO's for August list. One more week and this month is over! Where does the time go?

The best part of re-organizing or moving a sewing room is finding all sorts of projects, books and ideas squirreled away! Lori and Kathie recently posted the same experience!!! This is something I found when I moved my sewing room that I've had for a million years and forgotten...
notice the author ~ Gwen Marston! and the word templates, that dates it! What a treasure of little quilts...

I hope to be making a few of these very soon ;0) Focus.... have UFOs to finish first!!!

Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the day stitching away!

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  1. OH Yes I have this book too, I love anything by Gwen Marston!
    now you know I will have to pull out the book and whip up a little quilt
    I LOVE the quilt in your header, WOW its beautiful.

    have a great weekend


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