Friday, August 16, 2013

New sewing table

I picked up a sewing table for my Juki. A simple, inexpensive table with the drop down shelf for a sewing machine. It's just the perfect size for the Juki and my older Bernina will fit too!
This will make FMQing sew much easier on by back and neck. We added blocks under the legs to bring it up to the same level as the table on the left. After drilling holes in the wood blocks for the table foot pegs, it's stable and fits perfect!
I made a tall worktable using drapery fabric cardboard rolls cut to length added to the legs for lift... pvc pipe works just as well. 
for a great cutting/ironing table with storage under the table.
 A temporary design wall until I make one for the closet door...
Small, but it works for now and gives us the larger room for Mom and guests. One more machine, my industrial straight stitch is still in that room until I find a place for it. My longarm and drapery table fill up another room on the other side of the house that was added long ago. It has an outside access door that's perfect for a separate entrance for customers...
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Enjoy the day, stitching away

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