Friday, August 2, 2013

UFOs for August

I am joining in on Carrie's blog, a Passion for Applique, for her Nothing But UFOs for August.
She has some wonderful applique and needlework projects on her list. There is a linky to see what 3 projects everyone has on their list for August. Thank you Carrie!

#1 is a true UFO from 2005, the top was made in five hours! for a One Day Mystery by Planet Patchwork. A quilting friend from St.Louis, Mary Kay was visiting and we worked together. I had all the preliminary cuts ready, she did the sub cuts while I sewed and together we were able to keep up and finish the top. We even changed the design a little. That was on July 30, 2005 and now eight years later still waiting to be finished! Most of the quilting is started, have a little more SID to do, then add binding and a label for a complete finish!

#2  I can't wait to start on is quilting my Medallion SAL that I did with Lori and Randy. It's wonderful to have so many talented quilters and needle artists that share their time in Blogland!
Using a wool batting, my plan is for some crosshatch behind the center block, lots of SID, outline stitches with a 1/8 inch echo around all of the applique with some feathers along the borders, or maybe piano keys, will see when I get there!

#3 is the quilting on my Willow Weave top made for Aunt Reen's Place  June Jelly Roll...
Note:  ** Doreen has a new project posted yesterday! Check out the Hexie table runner for her August Sew Along using 5 inch charms. More fun ** I know, my bad! It's so hard not to start new projects! and this one is Hexies!!! I'll go to my (sewing) room now :0)

Enjoy the day stitching away!


  1. I love to start new projects too. It's much easier to start them than finish them. Your UFOs are beautiful.

  2. So close and yet so far. You can do this! A finish is in sight, and they are all so beautiful. I agree with the previous comment that it is easier to start new than finish an old. You will be so pleased when they are completed. Looking forward to seeing them then.

  3. OH, no! I probably shouldn't go by Doreen's blog. LOL!
    Your willow weave is gorgeous. Mine is at the quilters.
    Good luck with your goals for this month.


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