Monday, August 12, 2013

Quilting on the Medallion

Last weekend I started the quilting on my Medallion quilt top from Lori and Randy's SAL. 
Up to now all the quilting has been done on my Juki TL-2010Q. Very different mind set from quilting on my longarm. So far it's OK, not perfect, but it is fun! 
After pin basting I started in the middle. First was an outline stitch around the applique with the regular FMQ foot and a second 1/8 inch echo with the same foot.  Then the 1/2 inch cross hatch. Working from the center out stitched all of the inner borders and the quarter square blocks with SID using a walking foot. Then I started FMQing on the outer border applique with the same double outline stitching.

This weekend I added wings to the birds! Using freezer paper, cut out a wing shape
 pressed it to a bird and stitched around the paper template. 
Removed the paper and pressed it to another bird, then a second one in reverse.

 So far so good... then I started a feather fill. 
Parts of it I like, some not so much. 
before fill
after fill
The part I like are the larger feathers with curved spines. The rest looks like pebbling.
It is back up on my design wall while I decide if is stays or if I take out Madame Seam Ripper :~/

Back to work today. Enjoy the day, stitching away!


  1. Das sieht so wunderschön aus.

  2. It looks real nice, I like your border, it's beautiful.


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