Monday, February 16, 2015

Our Favorite Bags

Check out what Beckie and I made this weekend!

 This is Beckie's finished bag
(the bag in the background is made by Stephanie ;0)

My bag in progress

Almost finished, here adding the grommets. This bag ended up so thick that, even with Micheal's help, we had trouble snapping in the grommets. The pattern calls for 8 total and a sash gets threaded thru them. 

Beckie's went on in a snap, literally :0) The little round ones were not so easy and they cracked so I stopped at two. It was really scary cutting holes in the bag at this point and there is no going back! Still have the sash to finish once I decide on the grommet situation.

The green is the fabric I will use for the sash.

The bag has lots of pockets, outside and inside too! Everything has a layer of batting sewn into it so it holds it's shape. Inside looks like a Bucket Boss with 6 pockets. Pattern called for 6 on the outside as well but Beckie and I both decided that 4 large ones would be better for us. Pattern is "The Little My Favorite Bag" by Kati Cupcake. Beckie and I found it last Fall while we were on our own little shop hop visiting Friends Around the Block in Colusa, CA and then Sew So Shop in Yuba City (also my Innova dealer). Pattern for our bags and our fabrics were purchased at the Sew So Shop. 

Love how the two bags look so different from the same pattern, just like quilts. Beckie's leather look fabric that she found in the Sew So Shop made a very classy bag! Mine will be a project bag to hold quilting tools and supplies for workshops.

We had the best Valentine's weekend, sewing a project start to finish, we went out for lunch and Micheal made treats for us plus chocolate! We meet for lunch every Monday along with Donna, Nancy and occasionally more sewists join us. Beckie and I will be sporting our new bags today! Enjoy your day, especially if you have the day off :0) 

Me, off to finish that sash and load a quilt.

Enjoy your President's Day!
Tot Ziens, Jo


  1. Sounds like you and Beckie had a wonderful time sewing together and I love that the same bag turned out so differently because of the fabrics chosen. I'm a huge fan of paisley so that one really catches my eye. Thanks for the great pictures!

  2. Great bags! You're brave ... I broke my brand new Bernina (15 yrs ago) making tote bags. Yep, seriously. Bent the needle bar. Now I'm afraid to tackle bags and purses until I find a nice old heavy duty machine that I know can handle the bulk.


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