Saturday, February 7, 2015

Workshop with Mary Kay Davis

Mary Kay Davis with Shimmering Sight

Mary Kay Davis was our speaker at Thursday nights Annie's Star guild meeting. I went early and met Mary Kay for dinner with Beth and Judy before the meeting. Really nice person, close to kindred spirits as we had allot in common :0) Plus it was great getting to the meeting early for a front row seat and a good view of her quilts during her trunk show. Follow the link to see more of her work. Wonderful speaker as well. 

Shifting Focus
by Mary Kay Davis

Pictured above are just two of many challenge quilts Mary Kay has made. I was hooked and showed up yesterday for her workshop. We made quilts from one of her patterns ~ Steppin' Up the Squares. Fun pattern that can be made in a day. Perfect for large prints and fussy cutting. 
Three of the group actually finished their tops! Cindy, Tess and Char were almost finished when I left early. We had the best day :0) plus we kept venturing out of the classroom and into Honey Run Quilters to make different fabric choices! One of the fun parts of a workshop! Our tops in progress...
Top & layout by Tess
I really like this pattern done scrappy!

 Cindy G
Both of these quilts will be going to the Wounded Warriors project at Morning Star Quilts.

who fixed the goof on the layout before her blocks went together :0)
This quilt will be donated as well to a cancer organization
These three were the "over achievers" who finished their tops! Yea!!!

This is Mary L's. LOVE her fabric choices! 
The border fabric on the left is an addition from Honey Run and it's perfect!!!

My border fabrics pinned next to the few blocks I had sewn before leaving.
It will be finished today this weekend because I am not going to have another UFO added to the ones not getting finished! It's raining and windy today, the perfect day to quilt :0)

Thank you Mary Kay. It was so much fun to spend this time with you! Hope you made it home safe last night with this storm and that we will see you this Fall at our quilt show.

Tot Ziens! Jo

btw, if anyone is interested... Sue Spargo will be doing 5 days of workshops at Honey Run Quilters at Cathys in March!!! Link to HRQ with a photo of one of the projects! There are a few spaces open :0)

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