Sunday, February 8, 2015

Steppin' Up the Squares finished top

 Steppin' Up the Squares
Top is a finish :0)

Quilting yet to be done and I have some good ideas for this one.  Hummmm... a label and binding. OK technically it's a UFO. Still, happy that the top is completed! This was a fun fast project made in a workshop with Mary Kay on Friday. If you like fussy cutting and a quick project, check out Mary Kay's other patterns as well! Well written and illustrated. We all purchased more :0) What impressed me the most tho, was Mary Kay's challenge quilts. Wow, they are gorgeous! Check them out :0)

Update... Mary Kay posted a pic of my top on her Quilt Friends page of her website!!!
Fun! Thank you Mary Kay
Happy with the mitered borders. Most of the fabrics are a collection by Andover purchased at a quilt store in Genoa, Nevada when I lived in South Lake Tahoe many moons ago!

Earlier I watched a program on PBS on Quilts ~ Why Quilts Matter. This episode was from 2011 about quilts in museums. Some wonderful old quilts and they mentioned Gees Bend. Off to watch some of the Grammy's and then Downton Abby.
Enjoy your week
Tot Ziens, Jo

 "We will be known forever by the tracks we leave."
Native American Proverb

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  1. I was fascinated by the feather border on your quilt - at first glance it appeared to be ovals that had been reverse appliqued and my mind boggled at how much work that would have been to do. It's a cool effect and the finished quilt is awesome!


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