Sunday, February 8, 2015

Steppin' Up progress

Yesterday I finished the center field and cut the inner borders for Steppin' Up the Squares, Friday's workshop project with Mary Kay Davis. 

During the workshop we talked about different layouts for this pattern and I played around with my blocks. I like the layout on the left but in different fabrics...
I am sticking with the original layout and design, on the right, because IMHO it works well with the Native American fabrics pulled for this quilt.

After fussy cutting the inner border fabric I decided the corners needed to be mitered so I put it off until this morning. All of the borders are now cut, pieced and laid out on the design wall...

Ready to be sewn this afternoon. 
I am going to finish this quilt top today!

It's been raining since early this morning and no wind today. Yea! Friday we had a large  Walnut Tree branch break and fall, luckily missing any structures or the fence.
Enjoy your Sunday
Tot Ziens, Jo

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